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We are a storytelling-focused animation studio proficient in various visual techniques, dedicated to crafting compelling commercial and entertainment productions that forge genuine connections with the audience. For over a decade we have fearlessly navigated the depths of ideas and solutions outside this orbit, breathing life into the projects within our portfolio. Because your story is the very essence of ours.


Thanks to the efficacy of our methodology, we adeptly guide our clients towards realizing the full potential of their concepts, surmounting obstacles and triumphing over challenges. The results consistently meet international standards, upholding the highest quality within the market, all while staying firmly within the agreed-upon timeframes and budgets.


With locations in Mexico City and Toronto, our versatile team boasts the agility, dedication, and boundless creativity to transcend any geographical barriers. Our explorations extend far beyond the depths, propelling ideas to the far reaches of the universe. These journeys, from one extreme to the other, are our unwavering passion and enduring strength.

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